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NDH technologies Ltd. is provides financial technology service “NDH algo”.

What is NDH algo //

Fusion of High Frequency Trading & Crypto Mining

NDH algo is the only financial technology service that combines High Frequency Trading (HFT) and Crypto Mining (Mining).


Refers to high-frequency, high-speed financial transactions that are carried out in millimeters by a computer program system. While capturing the momentary movement, we will accumulate profits by repeating transactions of thousands to 10,000 units per second with a small price range.


Generally, it refers to performing a huge amount of arithmetic processing such as transaction data analysis for the purpose of obtaining the right to newly grant cryptocurrency and verification fee. We will secure profits by various means such as linking mining pools and opening mining farms.

About us //

a safe future for people around the world.

NDH technologies Ltd. has a global mission of contributing to the realization of inequality reduction around the world with services that utilize financial technology. Now that disparity societies are becoming “everyday scenes” around the world, NDH algo is convinced that it is one of the technologies that can have a great impact on people all over the world and make a difference in their lives.

【MISSION】 a safe future for people around the world.

It is our intention to be your best partner to accomplish our mission.

Result //

NDH algo(data in the US)

Data on dividend compensation from 2018 to June 2021

  • Product

    NDH algo

  • Number of dividends

    72 times

  • Average dividend compensation

    102 USDT

2018 annual yield

6 months from July to December

2019 annual yield

12 months from January to December

2020 annual yield

12 months from January to December

2021 annual yield

6 months from January to June

101 〜 125 USDT

Percentage of average dividend compensation

76 〜 100 USDT

Percentage of average dividend compensation

50 〜 75 USDT

Percentage of average dividend compensation

126 〜 150 USDT

Percentage of average dividend compensation

Roadmap //


NDH algo History


NDH Trading Ltd. Established

Start as an HFT trader


NDH technologies Ltd. Established

Development of NDH algo


NDH algo(US)

Released in the United States in June 2018


NDH algo Expand to Asian market

Released NDH algo for Japan


Scheduled to be deployed in more than 20 countries around the world

FAQ //

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of service is NDH algo?

NDH algo is a financial technology service born in the United States that combines high-frequency and high-speed transactions called HFT with cryptocurrency mining.

What are the characteristics of NDH algo?

A major feature is that HFT and Mining generate positive profits and stable profits, and it is a service that allows you to earn more rewards by using Reward Bonus.

What kind of person is using it?

In the United States, many people sympathize with the mission of NDH technologies and want to share NDH algo. Spreading good things will eventually lead to your own profit expansion.

Is it okay if I'm not familiar with cryptocurrencies?

Please be assured that NDH algo will be traded and mined by NDH technologies Ltd., and the profits will be paid to customers as dividend rewards.

Is it possible that I will not receive dividend compensation?

Dividend compensation will increase or decrease depending on the earnings status of HFT and Mining, but it does not mean that you will not get the compensation. To prevent customers from suffering any disadvantages, we have established the following “NDH algo Dividend Compensation Regulations”.
NDH technologies stipulates that the minimum guaranteed amount of dividend compensation per tech is 75 USDT. If the dividend reward amount per tech falls below the regulation, the difference from the actual dividend compensation amount will be filled and the prescribed 75 USDT will be paid.

When can I receive dividend compensation?

The dividend reward amount will be fixed at 0:00 on the 1st and 15th of every month, and you can receive it at the USDT wallet you register with USDT (Tether).

What do I need to apply for NDH algo?

The application can be completed online. Enter the required information on the application page and settle in the cryptocurrency USDT (Tether) according to the application details, and the application is complete.

How much profit can you make?

When totaling from July 2018 to June 2021, the average amount of dividends paid per tech is “102 USD”

Is there a tax on the dividends I receive?

The tax system of the country in which the customer is to pay the tax applies.

Is it possible to use only Reward Bonus?

Customer level (CL) will be promoted to “CL4”, but it can also be used only with Reward Bonus.

Are there any restrictions on additional applications or withdrawals?

In principle, there are no restrictions on additional applications or withdrawals. For more information, please see the NDH algo Summary Document.

Is privacy protected?

All customer privacy is strictly controlled.

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